Weddings at Wisbech St Mary Church

The Wisbech ST Mary Church is a primary spiritual attraction in London, UK. The awestruck external structure and simple internal design give the church a very unique feel and appeal to the tourists. The church has a seating capacity of 1000 people, hence can accommodate a large crowd for Sunday mass, weddings and baptisms. Apart from the prayers and special services the church also conducts numerous weddings every year.

Marrying in the church is spiritual, meaningful and beautiful just the way you want it to be. The marrying couple can take the wedding vows in front of God and make a commitment for a lifetime. The church has all the necessary infrastructure to conduct the weddings. To avail this, one needs to make your bookings 30 days in advance to make sure that there are no other happenings in the church on the same preferred day and the couple is required to provide all the legal documents to the church. Your ceremony will contain hymns, music, bible readings, banns, marriage licenses and unique photos from our church. There will be a few things to discuss with our vicar before the wedding date and will want to meet the couple. So, visit us beforehand to do the same with us.

The church and the lawn can be beautifully decorated on your wedding eve. You can choose the theme and colour for your wedding decorations from our catalogue. Customised decorations can also be made to adorn your special day by our decoration team who have many props for the occasion. Your family, friends and children will have ample space to occupy inside the church as it has a seating capacity for 1000. The lawn can also be used to post the wedding to serve food and conduct games. The guests, bridesmaid, best man and the kids are guaranteed to have a memorable time at our venue. Wisbech St Mary Church will be the best place to start your life after the wedding. The presence of the heavenly makes each one who attends your wedding happy and contented.