About ST Mary Church

The Wisbech ST Mary Church is a primary spiritual attraction in London where everyone is welcomed irrespective of nationality. It is one of the famous and recognisable sights in London. The magnificent external structure and simple internal design give the church a very unique feel. When you are inside one cannot just stop admiring the beauty of the church. Be it the beautiful paintings on the wall or the stained glass windows everything is very magical. Wisbech St Mary is a busy church with five prayer services being held every day. Each of the service duration is for about 2 hours. It boasts of a seating capacity of 1000 people, hence can accommodate a large crowd.

Apart from the regular prayer meetings and Sunday masses the church also hosts other services as well. Baptismal and funeral services are also offered at the church. There are often special services held that are associated with London’s history and the royal family. Every year the diamond jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth II is conducted with a lot of grandeur. Other historical events about the city like its incorporation etc. are also celebrated with much zeal.

Apart from the prayers and special services the church also conducts numerous weddings every year. You can take your wedding vows in front of god and make a commitment for a lifetime. The church has all the necessary infrastructure to conduct the weddings. You need to make your bookings 30 days in advance and provide all the legal documents to the church.

The Sunday services are considered to be prominent services that help people connect with other communities. These services provide the perfect opportunity to join with God and his teachings. The church also has their own choir group who aid in creating the ideal ambience during a prayer service by singing lords glories. If you are a Christian or just curious about Christian faith, the church welcomes you with open arms.